Daniel Dulake Bio


Daniel Dulake Bio

Daniel Dulake from Epsom. He is the founder of our blog and so we have put together a brief overview of his career and experience, as well as his personal interests. Daniel is a well-known web developer and runs web design agency Web Digital.

Daniel was born in Epsom. He went to school at Sacred Heart and later Harrow College where he learned about computers. He went on to become an expert in all aspects of web design and SEO, and now also provides business seminars on the importance of it.

He went to university in Warwick where he studied Computer Science. He graduated with a 2:1. Daniel went on to do a post-graduate course in Computer science and has an MSc in the subject.

He got his first industry job at the age of 23 as an IT support person for Group M. They are an SEO agency based in Moorgate. It was there that he got an insight into how web developers work as part of a team including SEO, advertising, project managers, UX developers and designers.

He worked at group M and was promoted to Web Developer for the company, eventually becoming a manager. He then switched to Online Marketing, specialising in SEO as they went hand-in-hand to achieve a completed website.

Seeing the value of the industry, he wanted to learn as much as possible about it. He then changed companies after three years at Group M, after being offered a job by competing agency Sapient Nitro. After working there for five years and becoming a contractor he was offered jobs from friends and family, who knew about his skills.

In 2005 he decided to start his own company, changing from being a contractor to taking on his own clients. He started his company website and recruited his cousin Jeff to assist him. Together they grew the company and started what is today a national web design company. Web Digital has over 50 employees in 4 locations around Europe.