Daniel Dulake


Daniel Dulake started Web Digital back in 2014. Coming from a family with a prolific business background, he decided to use his knowledge and experience as a businessman and entrepreneur to carve a path for himself in real estate development. Always known to look out for exciting business opportunities, he founded the company three years ago establishing ventures in Dubai, India, and the UK.

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Gavin McCormack

Business Development

Gavin has occupied senior positions requiring him to take on responsibilities focused on property development in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Highly experienced, he is a reliable asset especially in the identification of emerging profitable markets. His responsibility involves bringing investments in the company and making sure that they are secure and safe. He also is responsible for delivering the SEO campaigns for Daniel.

James Smith


Joe’s background as an architect brings that a unique outlook in the layouts of the construction and development projects that the company takes on. With local and regional accomplishments in architecture under his belt, his perspective ensures that the firm builds and develops properties that are not just focused on high quality, but also ones that are aesthetically pleasing too.

Jay Richards

SEO Manager

Jay has three years of SEO experience in residential and building contracts. A digital genius he has hands-on exposure in directing construction projects throughout his career before becoming a part of the Cloud 9 Group. He has handled both new constructions and refurbishment projects too. He is, at present, the construction operations head of the company.